After a rainy winter your roof can be as full of holes as Wiki-leaks from storm damage, falling tree branches and overflowing gutters. Now that Spring is here, it’s time to call in the professional roof plumbers from AK Pipeworks for repairs or maintenance. Here are the top 5 reasons to spring-clean your roof:

  1. A gutter garden – If you see a garden in your gutter, chances are you didn’t plant it. Birds and storms can deposit leaves, twigs and other debris, clogging your gutters and drainpipes with growing plant life. This can lead to gutters rotting, cracking  and even detaching under the weight of the debris.
  2. Roof mould – Gutters clogged over time with damp organic matter can create mould which can cause erosion of the guttering. Unsightly roof mould can develop due to inadequate insulation and ongoing water leakage.
  3. A Skylight – Skylights can create light-filled rooms. However, the installation of a skylight in an established roof can compromise the even surface of roofing materials, leaving the  surrounding area prone to roof leaks.
  4. Solar Panels – Solar Panels are a great idea but if incorrectly installed, holes left by inserting mounts can lead to water leaking in.
  5. Insulation – with warmer weather on its way, roof insulation damaged by leaks or mould can compromise the protection your roof offers you in summer. So don’t delay, call AK Pipeworks today!

3 Reasons Why You Need An AK Pipeworks Roof Plumber

Our specialist roof plumbers at AK Pipeworks are the  solution to your roofing repair and maintenance throughout the  Geelong and Torquay areas for 3 very good reasons:

  1. In Victoria, a licensed roof plumber is required for roof plumbing, or drainage work.
  2. AK Pipeworks’ professional roof plumbers can clean gutters, fix roof leaks and repair roof flashings quickly and efficiently.
  3. AK Pipeworks’ roof plumbers are fully-trained, experienced plumbers in the repair and maintenance of roofs and guttering for home or for business.

So now is the time to ‘spring’ into action, email or call us at AK Pipeworks today and let us ensure your roof and gutters are leak free!

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