Are you upgrading your old toilet for a sleek new model? Great idea. New toilets are more water efficient and add new life and value to an old bathroom. However, toilet installation is more than just ‘one size fits all’  Here are some things our plumbers at AK Pipeworks will ask before installing your new toilet suite.

  • Is it a P-trap or and S- trap?
  • Where is your water supply tap?
  • Are you getting a link connector, close-coupled or back-to-wall toilet?

Feeling confused? That’s ok – this is where AK  Pipeworks can take the guess work out of a new toilet suite by advising and then installing the right system for you.

Some people may have grown up with a link connector, where the cistern sits high up on the back of the toilet bowl and is usually made of plastic.

A close-coupled suite is a china or porcelain cistern which is attached to the toilet bowl creating a sleek look.

Back-to-wall toilets are a close coupled suite but the bowl is flush with the wall so the pipe system is concealed – a popular choice in new homes.

Our plumbers at AK Pipeworks can install your new toilet suite close to the water supply tap thereby reducing potential drainage problems and keeping expenses down.

Maintaining your toilet is important – non-flushable items can clog up S-bends and cause an unpleasant overflow after flushing.

6 everyday items that can block your toilet:

  • Paper towel
  • Hair
  • Nappies
  • Baby wipes
  • Tampons
  • Cotton balls

Plus, keep that lid closed if your toddler is roaming. Toys make a nice splash when they get thrown in the toilet but the fun stops when the overflow starts.

How do you unblock a toilet?  For DIY blockage removal try slowly pouring water from a bucket to break up excess waste, or carefully remove reachable items by hand. However, once a non-flushable item reaches that S-bend, it’s a whole other story.

For serious blockages and non-draining, your toilet may need to be dismantled. This should only ever be done by a professional. Our Master Plumbers can efficiently remove blockages and check for damage.  AK Pipeworks specialises in residential and commercial toilet installation and repairs for the Geelong and Surf Coast areas, so why not call or email us today for your free quote?

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