Do you have a project requiring work on a pipeline system?

When it comes to pipe freezing, the stakes are high. If you’re searching for pipe freezing gurus, call upon our team of trusted specialists. We’ll provide a reliable and non-destructive solution for your pipeline needs.

Over time, it’s common that pipe materials and components deteriorate and lose efficiency. If works to a pipeline system are needed, our experts perform a pipe freeze with ease, maximizing your plant’s uptime. We use liquid nitrogen, which ensures safe fluid isolation of nearly every type of liquid in different sized pipes.

Our performance means reliable service. Our team uses specialized equipment and techniques, creating a line stop via the formation of solid ice, or cryogenic, freeze plug within pipelines. The freezed plug is robust, withstanding high pressure, and is maintainable for the long haul.

We cover all your Geelong and Torquay pipe freezing and plumbing needs. Boasting a treasury of knowledge, we get the job done.

Contact us for our prized pipe freezing services, available in Geelong and Torquay regions.

Final Result

Whether you require simply deplete cleaning or a whole pipes registration, call our group of qualified and talented handymen. we take pride in the work we perform with our dedicated plumbers.

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Pipe Freezing service


Paul Walker

I have to say Mark, that everyone I have been in touch with (including your kind self) have been very nice. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to others. Piers, the guys who installed the panels and John the inspector. They have all done your company proud.

Mariya Van

Your staff were very happy and friendly doing the job and you both have been so helpful to us we can not thank you enough. I am telling a lot of my friends about the wonderful service we were given.

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