Our Master plumbers at AK Pipeworks have attended many renovations, including  heritage homes boasting original features and classic architecture. However, lurking under the polished wooden floors and the decorative high-ceilings can be unwelcome surprises – old pipes!

Consider the important of pipes in your everyday life: delivering drinking water; transporting water to baths, showers and dishwashers; removing sewage and waste-water and serving in-floor heating systems. Pipes are an unseen but vital part of your home’s structure.

Try this spot quiz: How often should pipes be inspected?

  1. Every 2 years
  2. Every 5 years
  3. What pipes?

Well done if you chose 1!  At AK Pipeworks, we encourage preventive maintenance once every 24 months – by detecting pipe, pressure or equipment issues early, you can avoid expensive repairs or replacement!

Over time, pipes can form leaks or rust which can result in contaminated drinking water or, calcium build-up causing low water pressure in old Gal water lines. AK Pipeworks is on top of the new approved and safe requirements  that comply with AS/NZS 2492 – cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipe. This is primarily used for hot and cold-water applications in residential plumbing due to being  light-weight and long-lasting.

A common issue our Master Plumbers have come across over their years of experience, are the results of do-it-yourself-plumbing. Inexpert repairs or replacements often lead to extensive damage on plaster, paint footings and timber frames so always use a licensed plumber to get the job done right.

At the end of the day, whether your home is a charming 1940’s Californian Bungalow, a  funky 1970’s ‘digs’ or a stylishly modern design – don’t forget your best friends are those hidden behind your wall, under your floor and in the ceiling – healthy pipes equal a healthy  home. And  our Master Plumbers at AK Pipeworks can ensure that while everything else is heritage-listed – your plumbing is up to date!

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