Picture this: the kitchen tap is dripping again and the water pressure in the ensuite is so low the shower is  a trickle.  A weird smell is coming from the bathroom basin and the washing machine isn’t filling up properly.

You decide this weekend to fix everything. You don’t need a plumber, since these are all small jobs. How hard can it be? And doing it yourself will save you money so its worth the time you spend on it. Or is it?

First you look for your tools because since you last used them  – when was that? – they have disappeared. Finally you find them underneath the box of last year’s Christmas decorations. Next, you turn the water off at the mains  and you change the washer on the tap in the kitchen. Done. You pour some draino into the bathroom basin – it should get rid of any nasty smells and you are pretty sure there isn’t a blockage… then you take the washing machine apart.  You glance at the manual to check on a few things. You are not sure what you’re looking for but it will come to you when you see it. Your wife appears with a load of dirty clothes – rolls her eyes and leaves again.

The doorbell goes  – It’s your wife’s sister and her kids coming over for lunch. Oops. Water goes back on and  that’s when you realise that the washing machine is not connected but the water is back on so now there is water all over the laundry floor and seeping into the hallway carpet.  And your teenage daughter yells out that the bathroom sink has backed up and it stinks and can someone please fix it now!

Starting to get the picture?

When AK Pipeworks sends out a Master plumber – no job is too small. And even if you can change a washer, why not get each ‘little’ job completed efficiently and professionally, saving you time and stress.

Here are the advantages of using AK Pipeworks plumbers for all those  ‘small’ jobs:

  1. They have the right tools at all times
  2. They are trained to spot the problem and can accurately estimate how long a job will take – if there is a potential ongoing issue they will offer you options.
  3. They don’t need instructions
  4. They guarantee their work
  5. They work quickly and efficiently and don’t leave a mess
  6. They are not distracted by kids, dogs, or unexpected visitors.
  7. They don’t expect lunch

A professional plumber is as vital as the family dentist – would you apply your own braces or do your own filling?

Wrong tools and guesswork can lead to DIY disaster. A Master plumber from AK Pipeworks can efficiently recognise and fix blocked drains, low water pressure, evil smells and dodgy pipe connections, leaving you free to enjoy your weekend with or without your in-laws.

So call AK Pipeworks now on 1300 780 213 to discuss your plumbing needs with our friendly staff. We can offer you the best plumbing services for all jobs  big or small, throughout the Geelong and Surf Coast.