Have you checked your hot water system lately? Did you know the typical age of an electric hot water system is 7-10 years? I think we all agree that a reliable hot water system is essential. With winter on the way, it’s time to make sure your hot water system is hot to trot. This is why our plumbers at AK Pipeworks Geelong are excited about the Thermann Hot Water Systems and Heat Pumps. Thermann Heat Pump guarantees piping hot water throughout those cold winter months and furthermore will save you money – Wait… what?

Main Fuel Source

You see, the main fuel source for a Heat Pump is air. The really good news is, by extracting heat from the air the Thermann Heat Pump system uses a naturally-created gas to heat water. Furthermore, with 80% more efficiency than a standard electrical system, a Heat Pump can ensure environmentally friendly results plus lower energy bills for your home, even during the freezing winter months.

Heat Pump Size

How about the size I hear you ask? Whether you have a small flat or a multi-bedroom mansion, the Thermann Heat Pump System has a size suitable for all residences. Thermann Small Electric Storage hot water units allow you to install hot water systems even where space and access are restricted. Thermann offers eight different sizes to suit your needs. The good news is, they are Australian-made!

At AK Pipeworks, we have 30 years of solid plumbing experience for residential or commercial plumbing – from drain blockages to pipe freezing, installation, and repair of grey water systems and toilets – we offer contemporary solutions for all your plumbing needs! We service the Geelong, Bellarine, and Surf Coast areas so we know all about the cold. That’s why you can have absolute confidence in our advice on the most efficient hot water system heating solutions for your home or business!