When there’s too much rain in the neighbourhood, who are YOU going to call for your commercial plumbing needs? If heavy rainfall has put a ‘damper’ on your commercial or strata property with overflowing gutters, clogged drainpipes or leaking roofs, it’s time to call AK Pipeworks.

Whether you manage an industrial site, a construction company, a café franchise or a family-run restaurant, we are well-equipped to handle gas leaks, roof leaks, plumbing audits, equipment testing and blockages – ensuring your business is compliant with industry standards.

At AK Pipeworks, we understand big business can mean big plumbing problems – so keep our number on speed dial if you need us at your commercial property. Some of our current business clients include:

  • Dulhunty Poles
  • Connect Studio
  • Fresh Property Group
  • Two Sugars Cafes
  • 9grams Café

Do you run a commercial kitchen?

Leaking gas in a café or restaurant can place employees and customers at significant risk with poison fumes or the threat of explosions.  Some indicators of leaking gas can include:

  1. Yellow or orange flame on stove burners – a working stove burner has a blue flame.
  2. Rotten Egg Smell – A strong smell of sulphur can be a warning of a gas leak. Either that or the eggs are off!
  3. A high gas bill – if your costs seem to be increasing, it’s time to check your gas lines are secure from slow leaks.

The hospitality industry relies on more than a 5-Star Google review. Refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating, gas connections, clean running water and working toilets all need to be compliant with OH&S, industry regulations and keeping your customers safe.

Roof leaks are a common issue for commercial properties. AK Pipeworks can inspect for damage to flashing or broken seals which can cause water leakage. Left alone, even small leaks over time can create damp, mould and an unsafe work environment as well as structural damage to a building.

With more than 30 years’ experience in commercial plumbing, AK Pipeworks offers expert solutions to leaky roofs, pipes, gutters, storm water drains, gas connections and much more. So call us now or send an email. The team at AK Pipeworks is standing-by to assist your commercial property today.