‘Tis the Season to be Jolly’ and this means extra cooking, loads of guests, dinners, drinks and brunches plus the ‘Big One’ –  Christmas Day –  so the last thing you need during the holidays is a plumbing emergency.

Therefore, our gift to all our valued customers is a list of top tips to keep your Christmas from going down the drain!

  • Festive entertaining means lots of dirty dishes for the dishwasher so clear the filter after every use to prevent blockages and water retention.
  • If you have a garbage disposal, beware of turkey bones, lobster or crab shells and avocado seeds which can damage the rotor or cause obstruction.
  • Don’t put greasy fat from the roasting pan down the sink – unless you really do want AK Pipeworks to visit instead of Santa Claus! Pour the fat into an old container and throw it in the bin.
  • Having guests to stay? Check shower heads and taps are free of scale. Are you ankle-deep in water when you have a shower? Call AK Pipeworks pronto and get those drains unclogged!
  • Aussie weather can be unpredictable but hot or cold, your split system will get a workout at Christmas. Never mind ‘deck the halls’ – clear the vents of dust and dirt to prevent malfunctions and enjoy perfect temperature whatever the
  • The bathroom is sure to get a workout so ensure nothing goes down the loo except what is supposed to. Keep a bin in the bathroom for anything other than toilet paper and perhaps invest in a plunger just in case!
  • Going away over Christmas? Turn off the hot water and switch off power-points and appliances (except the fridge)
  • Top Tip: Keep our number 1300 780 213 handy if things go pear-shaped.

Finally, from all of the Master Plumbers here at Ak Pipeworks, we  would like to thank you, our valued customers in Geelong and on the Surf Coast, for your custom and support.  We look forward to assisting you with all your plumbing needs in 2023.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!